Meet the Committee

Agnes Matthewst1

I am the IY[UK] Representative for ESIYI. The IY [UK] is democratically run by an elected committee called the Executive Council. My main role is to bring back issues of interest to our Members or to raise issues of concern at IY[UK] Executive Committee Meeting.

I am an Intermediate level 3 teacher who has been studying yoga for 35 years and who loves to teach. But what do those 35 year really mean, as it suggests a serious commitment and focus. For me however the reality has been framed within the pressures of family life, studies & work and therefore real commitment has been a constant struggle. More time and maturity has led me along new yoga paths; physical, philosophical, psychological and spiritual.  Also an acceptance that I need to both push myself and face up to my weaknesses and an understanding that my drive to improve my own practise is due my love of teaching and my students.


Isabel Paget2

I went to my first Iyengar Yoga class quite by accident over thirty years ago in Tollcross School.  It was a revelation to me  and since then yoga has been part of my life.   Since I retired four years ago I am happy to be able to help the ESIYI in any way I can.


Julie Amerst3

I’ve been practising Iyengar yoga for over 20 years and began teaching it 5 years ago. I still attend regular classes at the EIYC and it’s an ideal place to be a student: everything is set up for yoga and it has a lovely calm atmosphere. My approach to teaching is positive and encouraging and I try to help people get the most out of their own practice. I love watching people develop as they get more interested in yoga and practice more. It’s a great pleasure to share something that I get so much joy out of myself.


Rebecca Reynoldst4

I discovered yoga when I moved to Edinburgh in 1999 and signed up for a class at the Centre in Bruntsfield to try something new. The classes were challenging for me as I was very stiff! However, Ive really enjoyed the benefits that yoga has brought to me since then. I qualified as a teacher in 2011 and now also have the opportunity to share my experiences with others.


IMG_1515aJennifer MacGregor Dennis

Yoga is the art and science of health, body and mind. It is what allows me to move through this world with a lighter step and give my best to the people and places surrounding me. My first yoga teacher was my mother. Travelling for a year after leaving home I developed my own practice which became even more important when I settled in New York, coping with the stresses of life in the busy city. Here I became deeply inspired by the teachings of Yoga and completed a 2 year teacher training at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York, going on to spend 4 months in India training with some of the worlds finest teachers, including Geeta Iyengar. Now in Scotland I wish to share these teachings, empowering people to love their bodies and find a place of inner peace.

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